I was really sad to tell my neighbor about this...

He had no idea how hard libraries are going to be hit by these proposed cuts until I told him.

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I was really sad to tell my neighbor about this...

He had no idea how hard libraries are going to be hit by these proposed cuts until I told him.

Goal: $1,500.00

At our Memorial Day block party, a neighbor pulled me aside and said "Hey, I heard that President Trump is cutting libraries." My neighbor isn't a library guy and he's not on part of the EveryLibrary network like you are. He said he didn't have a lot of details, but knew that the president wants to cut libraries, Sesame Street, and other "important things." It was something he read about online, and it really bothered him.

I was really sorry to tell him that what he heard is right. That the president's 2018 budget proposes the complete elimination of the only federal program for libraries and museums.

Sign the petition against these cuts to show our country's leaders that Americans care about libraries

But I was very excited to tell him about our work at EveryLibrary pushing back on that threat, and about the 15,000 people who contacted Congress through our action platform. I was proud to tell him about how Gale, Cengage - a leading library company - gave us a big donation to work with several state library organizations to do state-level outreach to the public. How California, Washington, and Mississippi partnerships are already up and running, and how we will continue to educate, inform and activate the public about federal funding for libraries through the summer. I think it gave him some hope....

Efforts by many library advocacy organizations to contact Congress have gone well this spring. Our colleagues at the American Library Association report the best-ever response to the "Dear Appropriator" letters in support of IMLS by both the House and Senate. And yet I remain personally and professionally worried. IMLS funding matters most to state libraries, and I don't want to see them take any budget hit. Between 'activist fatigue' in the face of the Trump administration's cuts to knowing that key members of the House and Senate - including Speaker Ryan - have also called for eliminating IMLS before, I know we have to keep up our efforts to reach more people like my neighbor if we want to succeed.

A donation of $10-25 helps us fight against these cuts!

At EveryLibrary, we're going to continue to reach out and activate the public about IMLS. Our summer agenda also includes a big push about school library issues. And we are looking forward to 6 more library ballot campaigns this fall across the country. We are going to need your ongoing support to make all of these efforts successful. Please help us reach more folks like my neighbor - people who care about libraries and want to take the next step but don't know what that is. If you can help us with a $25 donation today, we will put it to work doing that tomorrow. It's good work work, and we love helping libraries win.

John Chrastka
Executive Director

P.S. It means a lot to me to have people like you as part of the EveryLibrary network. Thanks for being there for us.


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