Tickets to Michael Moore's Broadway Show

The first nine new monthly donors will receive tickets to the 8pm showing of Michael Moore's new Broadway production on October 12th or 13th.

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Tickets to Michael Moore's Broadway Show

The first nine new monthly donors will receive tickets to the 8pm showing of Michael Moore's new Broadway production on October 12th or 13th.

9 donors

Michael Moore has generously offered us 9 pairs of tickets to his recent Broadway production entitled, “The Terms of My Surrender” and the first 9 new monthly donors will receive a pair of Tickets to the 8pm show on Thursday October 12th, or Friday October 13th. To receive your tickets, just start a monthly donation today!


As a gold-rated, 501c4 organization, your donations allow us to help libraries fight against closures and defunding in a number of ways. We provide top-notch, pro-bono support and consulting for the library’s ballot campaign. We create a wide range of tools and resources for library campaigns to use to win their elections and build support. And, because we aggregate small donations from around the country, we are often the first donor and financial supporter to a local Vote Yes campaign. Over the last five years we have proven the success of this model by helping over 40 libraries win their local elections and ensuring over 250 million dollars in annual stable library funding. This November, we are working with another 7 campaigns and in fact, for every dollar we’ve raised, we’ve been able to secure over $1,600 in library funding. That means that a donation of just $10 a month will help us secure almost $200,000 for libraries each year. (FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR WORK)


In the decades since his 1989 documentary Roger & Me, which skewered corporate downsizing in his hometown of Flint, Michigan, Michael Moore has been one of the U.S.’s leading leftist culture warriors. He has explored and satirized major issues in books, TV shows and movies (including Fahrenheit 9/11, the highest-grossing film doc of all time)—but not, until now, on the American stage. This summer, Moore makes his Broadway debut in The Terms of My Surrender. “I’ve not done this,” he says. “For me that makes it thrilling—and dangerous.” We sat down with him after a recent rehearsal to discuss his solo show, which takes a hard look at the state of the union under Donald Trump. (READ MORE HERE)

We will continue to accept new monthly donors beyond the first nine, but only the first nine new monthly donors will be given the opportunity to attend the show.

We will contact the first 9 donors on or before Monday October 9th to confirm your attendance and to let you know how to receive your tickets. If any donors can’t make the show, please let us know so we can pass on the tickets to the next in line. We have 4 pairs of tickets for 8pm Thursday October 12th, and 5 pairs of tickets for Friday October 13th. You must be able to pick up your tickets before 7pm on the night of the show as there will be no late entries. Unfortunately, tickets are first come, first serve, and those that donated early will have the ability to choose either Thursday, October 12th or Friday, October 13th.

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