Library Juice Challenge

Help us reach our Library Juice Challenge and make a matching donation today!

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We only ask for information required by law for contributions to 501(c)4 organizations like ours. We are required to ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, please write "Not Applicable," and repeat your address. If you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
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Library Juice Challenge

Help us reach our Library Juice Challenge and make a matching donation today!

$415.00 raised
Goal: $1,000.00

We are thrilled that Library Juice Academy is renewing their “Personal Donor Challenge” for 2017! Last year, Library Juice Academy helped us reach dozens of new monthly personal donors, and encouraged dozens more to renew their donations. This year, we’d like to ask you to help us match their $1,000 donation by making a one-time contribution today. This means that if you donate $25 here on this page, LibraryJuice will match that funding and turn your donation into $50 for libraries in the United States.

This donation page uses Paypal but You can also make a contribution via ActBlue here.

If we can meet their challenge with your one-time donations, we’ll put your funding to work winning elections for libraries, building voter support for all types of libraries, and coming to the aid of libraries and librarians in crisis. After all, we have a track record of returning $1,600 in stable library funding for every dollar we spend on a library campaign. That means if we match their $1,000 challenge with your donations, we will have the potential to return around 3.2 million dollars to libraries.

About our colleagues:

Library Juice Academy offers a range of online professional development workshops for librarians and other library staff, focusing on practical topics to build the skills that librarians need as their jobs evolve. With customers in 47 countries and over 100 courses in the catalog, Library Juice Academy is bringing online continuing education to a new level.

Starting a $5-10 monthly donation ensures we can continue the fight for libraries!

Library Juice Academy is proud to support the work of EveryLibrary through our matching contribution opportunity. EveryLibrary's work in supporting library ballot measures is important for the future of libraries as a healthy democratic institution. Their expertise in support of library ballot campaigns is much needed in communities where public libraries are under threat. LJA wants to see the work that EveryLibrary does succeed so that libraries everywhere can continue to thrive and provide important services to their communities. We hope you will contribute, so that our matching donation will be in effect. - Rory Litwin, Owner, Library Juice

As a 501(c)4 organization, contributions to EveryLibrary are not tax deductible. 


You may donate by check or money order (US Funds only) made out to:

P.O. Box 406
45 E. Burlington St.
Riverside, IL 60546

Make a Donation via ActBlue

EveryLibrary is a registered 501c4 organization (FEIN 46-1534149). We invite you to check up on us before donating by finding out more about us on Guidestar, the most trusted guide to non-profits on the Internet.

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